Oops, I forgot *wink*

The reason that seal team 6 is so deadly, even more deadly than several battalions of infantry is because they have the one thing that cannot be prepared for or out manned.  That is the element of surprise.

Day one you got flowers, day two you got her jewelry and just as she is lured into this pattern of expecting to receive something BAM! you get her nothing.  SURPRISE!

But Man With A Baby, that seems counter intuitive.  Won’t this work against our ultimate goal of nap time coitus?

No young grasshopper.  We have surprised her once and given her a present when she wasn’t expecting it and got a “so sweet, you didn’t have to, it’s not even mothers day” from her.

Then we gave her another gift the next day to an “I have the best husband in the world.”  This is a dangerous place because you can’t get any better that the best and you have set up and escalating expectation.  Flowers then jewelry, what’s next a yacht?!?!  Time to hit the reset button.

Today tell your wife that you are so sorry but there was a problem with shipping and the gift you got her today did not come.  It doesn’t really matter because its not mothers day and you have already gone above and beyond.  It will actually work in your favor because the one thing a woman likes more than gifts is an apology.  “I am so sorry, please forgive me” sounds to a woman what steak hitting the floor sounds like to a Black Lab or “take your pants off, lets get busy” sounds like to a man.