Your kid is manlier than you!

I overheard a dad today at a coffee shop that he could “never run a marathon.”  I did what any red blooded American would do and should do, I walked over and cup checked him just to see if he had any balls left.   Nope. 

Could never do is like vomit, even if it comes up don’t let it out in the presence of others.  Man up and swallow it back down.  You can say things like “I don’t know how to do it, but if hitting and yelling at it doesn’t work I will read up and try to figure it out”  or “I don’t want to do that, a marathon sounds like a shitty way to burn a perfectly good afternoon.”

People have said I could never or it can’t be done a lot in the past and MEN, manly men with testicles the size of planets made them eat their words.

“we could never walk on the moon.”  Done… suck it losers

“no one can run under a 4 min mile.” Accomplished ball sniffer.

“mix bacon and beer?  It can’t be done.”

A kid is manlier than any human that says I could never.  My daughter is learning to walk.  She sucks at it, she falls and if you consider that a year ago she couldn’t hold her own head up, walking should seem impossible.  But she doesn’t give a shit, she ate you’re impossible for lunch and shit it out by dinner.  She fell and scraped up her knee yesterday and the first thing she did was get up and start walking again. 

Kids are born without limitations and as they grow we teach them these “I could never do a marathon” limitations that do not exist.  What kid hasn’t jumped off of their garage with an umbrella thinking they’ll fly?  Stupid kids try it again without changing anything.  Kids of stupid parents never try to fly again because they “can’t do it.” But kids not taught limitations create airplanes and helicopters and personal flying devices because anyone can run a marathon and no one told them otherwise.